Clear vinyl curtain porch enclosure system

Our clear vinyl roll up curtain porch covers are made of the best quality 30 mil vinyl - same as used on top quality boats. Many companies cut costs by using only a 20 mil vinyl but we dont want to compromise quality. The added thickness is partly what makes our porch enclosures last so much longer than even our better competitors. The clear vinyl curtain panels keep the weather out without disturbing the view.

Quality enclosures must include quality hardware

porch enclosure hardware
All hardware used in our porch enclosure system is aluminum, brushed aluminum, painted steel or zinc. They are all marine quality and are built to withstand the elements for a long time. Even our cording on the roll up curtains is marine grade and will not dry rot.

The Fabric at the bottom allows for a tighter roll by having the fabric make the first several revolutions. The result is a smaller, tighter roll when it reaches the top. The fabric at the top functions as a protective casing when the curtains are rolled all the way up.

Never purchase porch covers that are not made with a combination of vinyl and FABRIC.

Porch enclosures allow you to heat your porch in cold weather

The ability to use your porch year round is most assuredly a plus. Heating it in cold weather is not possible without having your porch enclosed. With our clear vinyl roll up curtain panels you can roll up one or two panels on warmer winter days to enjoy the fresh air.

Enclosing a Gazebo allows you to even utilize a gas or kerosene heater without concern since the curtain panels allow ventilation.

Protective panels on windy days make a big difference

When the wind picks up in the spring and fall you don't need to strap everything down. You can roll down panels as needed in minutes to block the wind and save papers, books or magazines and pillow cushions. Playing cards on the porch or gazebo on a warm summer evening can get dirsupted if a storm comes through unless you have a patio enclosure system installed. Simply roll down a few curtain panels and keep playing.

Clear vinyl curtain panels for your Gazebo

Enclosing a Gazebo allows you to keep furniture set up without having to worry about the weather. Especially if you like to grill year round, the patio cover comes in real handy. You can roll up one or two curtains all the way up on the leeward side and one panel partly on the windward side. This will keep you out of the wind enough to be comfortable and still offer enough ventilation to be able to grill in the coldest weather.

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